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Sonobra Music Public Events

At this time we do not make it a practice to play many public events, preferring to play for private parties and other restricted access events. But, when we do perform in a publice venue, or a public event, we will post it here.

This event is a campaign fund-raiser for PA State Represemtative John Myers who has been instrumental in supporting the arts in Philadelphia. Your kind donation is appreciated. This will be a solo guitar gig for me. Come out to support the music and Rep. John Myers.

Suggested ( but not limited to) donations are : $25, $50 or $100 dollars. Write checks payable to the Friends of John Myers .

Wes Norton

Geograhic performance area: Normally a 100 mile radius centered on Philadelphia, PA. More distant venues are negotiable.

Affiliated with:
  • The Solo Musician's Network   
  • Local 77, AF of M   
  • The Mt. Airy Cultural Center, Inc.

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