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Lisa and Dad
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Lisa Norton is an accomplished actress, mime and singer who performs in several languages. She sings a variety of material, from the classics to jazz, with style and zest.

While studying in Paris, she became fluent in French, German and Spanish. It is reflected in her choices of musical material.

Although the billing is Lisa and Dad, and the unit often works as a guitar/vocal duo, the pair is frequently joined by other performers. Pictured is Lisa and Dad with Gerald Smith as the second guitar. At the Tony Williams Labor Day "Scholarship" Jazz Festival in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Geograhic performance area: Normally a 100 mile radius centered on Philadelphia, PA. More distant venues are negotiable.

Affiliated with:
  • The Solo Musician's Network   
  • Local 77, AF of M   
  • The Mt. Airy Cultural Center, Inc.

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